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Modeling insulated wire in 4nec2

4nec2 seems to be one of the best kept secrets in amateur radio.  It provides rich and deep antenna modeling and optimization functionality above and beyond what’s available in other popular programs. …and it’s free, which seems to be the primary criterion for many of my fellow hams. When I first started using it a couple of […]

Comments on the 2012 RAC Canada Day Contest

I was looking forward to this contest as a great way to test out a couple of new antennas — my 160m inv-L and a 50′ 80m vertical both using K2AV FCPs. They seemed to play quite well, though there really wasn’t enough traffic on those bands to give them a real go. I mean, […]

Latest Project — Memory Keyer

A few projects have come and gone.  The latest one that I actually finished was a little memory keyer.  I started with the code I used for the morse keyboard project, but changed it quite a bit, both because I needed to support a standard CW paddle as the primary input device and because I […]

quickie project: levelino

What do you do if you’re stuck on a deserted island with only an arduino, a PC to program it with, some LEDs and an accelerometer and you have to figure out how to hang something up straight?  Well, you build a digital level, of course.  Okay, I had about an hour to play last […]

Shaky POV

I happened to be poking around at the local Radio Shack the other day when I noticed — to my surprise and delight — that they had an accelerometer in their parts bin, so of course I bought it without a second thought.  It turns out that it’s a part well known to hobbiests and […]