quickie project: levelino

What do you do if you’re stuck on a deserted island with only an arduino, a PC to program it with, some LEDs and an accelerometer and you have to figure out how to hang something up straight?  Well, you build a digital level, of course. 

Okay, I had about an hour to play last night and needed a quick project, so I took my ShakyPOV shield, added a red LED right in the middle of the 8 green LEDs, and turned it into an expensive little digital level. 

The picture is level!

The picture is level! (red LED means "bubble" is centered)

Not level! (the green "bubble" moved to the right)

Not level! (the green "bubble" moved to the right)

It’s a super easy little project if you happen to have an accelerometer (I’m using the Memsic 2125 again here) and 9 LEDs sitting around on your workbench.

The sketch is posted here.


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