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Smart SO2R Antenna Switching using Arduino and a SixPak

One improvement I had wanted to make to my station for some time was the addition of automatic antenna switching.  I’ve been using an Array Solutions SixPak to manually switch antennas in my SO2R setup and, given how many band changes I make in a typical contest, it was becoming pretty tiresome.  In longer contests, […]

The DL1ELU Folding Antenna

This is a post about my experiences with the DL1ELU Folding Antenna.  This is not a thorough, scientific analysis of the antenna.  I’ll leave it to others to get into the precise details.  I’m posting this for other hams who may be interested in the planar hexagonal beam design or who may be thinking of purchasing the […]

Modeling insulated wire in 4nec2

4nec2 seems to be one of the best kept secrets in amateur radio.  It provides rich and deep antenna modeling and optimization functionality above and beyond what’s available in other popular programs. …and it’s free, which seems to be the primary criterion for many of my fellow hams. When I first started using it a couple of […]